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Mäko represents our passion and sincerity for what we do. Every product we offer at [ inaBox ] runs on mäko.

What is Mäko?

Mäko is a service by [ inaBox ] to run and operate your box product and unless otherwise specified, comes with one year of mäko included with your product.

How much is mäko? >

How much
is Mäko?

Mäko is billed annually at $150/year plus applicable taxes. Generally, automatic billing is recommended for mäko to prevent any service disruptions.

Mäko is sold in annual blocks of 12 months at $150 per year. You’re able to pre-pay up to five years of mäko and will be notified before your mäko runs out.

What happens if you run out of mäko? >

What happens if you run out of mäko?

As a general rule of thumb, [ inaBox ] recommends that you continue supporting your product with mäko. In the event that your product runs out of mäko there will be a service interruption with your box product. You’re able to purchase more mäko with no penalties or hidden fees. 

Alternatively, [ inaBox ] maintains a copy of your code on our servers available for per ipsum hosting. In both cases, our customers have three years to purchase additional mäko, or contact our customer service department to request per ipsum hosting. 

After three years of inactivity (meaning no mäko has been purchased) and no request for per ipsum hosting has been placed, we will purge your code from our servers. Please note, this is irreversible which means we cannot recover code that has been purged.

To avoid service interruptions, [ inaBox ] highly recommends our clients to set up recurring billing for mäko as we only bill for mäko once a year.


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