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For everything else, we have an out of the box solution -> inaBox.

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Mobile app development

Have a burning app idea that you’d like to start developing? Let us team up with you to help make your app idea a reality. Our team of freelancers will guide you through our process of making it happen. 

Creative services >

Creative Photography
Graphic Design

Express your project with our creative freelancers. We’ll work with you to capture the very essence of your creative project no matter the size. We offer a wide array of options in the creative field with professional photography, videography, graphic design and video editing.

Project management >

Project Management

Our clients depend on the reliability of our project managers. All our projects are managed by a project manager to ensure your program is delivered in a timely fashion. We also manage projects externally. Contact inaBox to learn more. 

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We’ve got an out-of-box solution for you, and we’ll present it for you in a box.


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