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Your complete answer to being able to sell goods and services online, with drop shipping, free shipping & free returns

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What's Shop inaBox?

Shop inaBox is a turnkey e-commerce solution that enables you to sell goods and services to your customers online. 

Sell your own products and services; Access millions of products at online warehouses such as Aliexpress or Amazon to import to your store as inventory with just one click. 

Our team of developers will work with you to capture your vision of your online space you’re planning and a customized theme will be developed for it. Upon shop delivery, we provide training on how to use your new shop at no extra cost to you

You own it, no monthly fees >

You own it.
No monthly fees.

Most online services that boast owning an online shop come with an added monthly cost. That means if you aren’t selling anything, you’re still on the line for that monthly membership fee. 

Shop inaBox skips the monthly membership fees.

Other major online platforms will charge you a monthly premium for the ability to use dropshipping for your customers above the monthly rate you already pay. Shop inaBox includes dropshipping absolutely free and we do not take any fees from your sales. 

After all, this is your business and you own it.  

This is your business on another level >

This is your business on another level.

Shop inaBox puts you in control of what you’re selling. Whether you’re selling your own products from a physical location online, or looking to use our platform for dropshipping around the world, Shop inaBox is a turn-key solution that empowers you to run your e-commerce business online. You can offer your clients free shipping, free returns and even coupon codes for sales. It’s fun and easy to use. 

Secure payment system >

Secure Payment System

Shop inaBox works with payment processors such as Paypal or Stripe to ensure that your customers have a secure connection to make a payment with. All transactions are encrypted with the payment processors and is completely safe for customers to use. Your shop also comes with an SSL certificate. 

Compatible with bitcoin & altcoins

Shop inaBox allows you to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). There are no fees to accept cryptocurrency with your shop. Ask us about how accepting cryptocurrency will benefit your business. 

Working together >

Working together.

We work on a three-phase deployment schedule. This means that you’ll be able to maintain your creative influence while we set up the infrastructure for your online business. Upon project completion, we will provide you training on utilizing your new online shop. 

Our white-gloved service and complimentary Content Assist™ can help you back fill content on  your website saving you time and money in the process. 

We operate on a frequent feedback loop system that allows our clients to see that their vision has been captured in the final product.

Take control of your online retail space >

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Take control of your online retail space.

Our professional freelancers will guide you through to a solution. Our pricing models are fixed so you will never be hit with surprise fees or hidden costs. Connect with inaBox today to see what  solution works best for your business.

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