Web Design in 3 Steps:

Phase 1: inaBox meets you.

We schedule an initial meeting with you in person (or remotely.) We learn more about you, your business, and the vision you share. 

Whether you are creating an app or website with inaBox, we learn about your goals and objectives to recommend you the most reliable and cost effective solution.

A solution is quoted; if accepted, a deposit is made upon agreement and the project begins! Receipt for deposit issued. 

We schedule our next follow up meeting for creative alignment.

Phase 2: Creative Alignment

During production of your app or website, we will consult with you to ensure that you approve of the design elements of the project on hand. We arrange a meeting in person (or remotely) to make any further customizations to the visual elements of the project. 

During this phase, the app or website can look radically different from the final product. 

Phase 3: Delivery

Upon completion of the project deliverables, inaBox will deliver the app or website and provide training where applicable. 

Project is completed. Feedback is collected.

Spend more time on what matters most. Your business.